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  • Noor - This is the best deep conditioner i have tried

    This is the best deep conditioner i have tried. I actually left it in my hair as a styling product and rinsed it out the next day. Left hair very soft and frizzy free and smells good too.

  • peggy - best seat in the kitchen

    I bought this for my grandson to use at our house because he didn't like his high chair, and I didn't like the chairs that strap to the kitchen chairs. Our kitchen stools swivel and that just seemed like a disaster waiting to happen. But the Inglesina works perfectly. My daughter even took it to Arizona for 10 days, just fold it up and pop it in the suitcase. It is a very sturdy and well constructed chair.

  • Patrica Wagner - Lost 8 pounds and no problems taking

    Worked really well for me a few months ago and I'm about to buy more. Lost 8 pounds at the time, really easy to take no problems swallowing. I have a delicate stomach and was expecting the worst but I was fine.

  • Amazon Customer - several killer tracks --and a ** busload *** of hype-

    i am an avid music fan, (and own several hundred albums and cds)have been since a kid.-I humbly admit to not having heard any of massive attack's "blue lines" until jan 1st 2004--.After having rolling stone tell me for the umpteenth time how incredible it is, i decided i would not stop until i had fully heard the entire album----my verdict- 1."safe from harm" -gripping and melodic--deep,forboding,pulsing,trippy- forces you to answer the question "what if someone came tonight in the darkness to harm my child."-an uncomfortable but bracing scenario that no one likes to consider/but,which --must-- be considered.powerful. no 2."one love"---uh yeah --um---not quite the incredible song it couldve been. indeed not even close.it just kindof goes on and on. no3.blue lines--all together excellent track-nice use of background noise and ambiance.. no.4"be thankful for what you've got"--what no one seems to have mentioned on this one and what i find impressive. the production quality on this track is incredible:-Crisp-- Tight, Deep -kick>kick>kickin drums!!AND TOMS-throbbin bass. and the kind of patience for the melody that is so rare to find.--i can just hear marvin gaye or tom jones or al green or george micheal or hell, lionel ritchie! even, pushin the lead vocal to the most soulful degree."WHY HASN'T SOMEONE COVERED THIS SONG FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD!"--only one small issue-the song is dire need of a second verse!!!ARRRGH.---no.5"unfinished symphony"--i dont get the hype surrounding this one i guess it forced into everyone head in the 90's and it stuck.---no6-"five man army"--awesome reggae!--before "shaggy" was grownin stubble i reckon.--no 7-"daydreaming" another thouroughly awesome track!--just superb- you are floating on air -no 8 "lately" can't hear it so much as the others,sorry--no 9"hymn of the big wheel" is it just me or did this song get stolen and re-written as "circle of life" from the lion king?--just a thought---a great song.--and overall a great album---have not heard "mezzanine" at all. but will be going n chronological order so i can hear them as they came.--Blue Lines is awesome in many spots. Im sure for its moment it really did shine.--does it last, ultimately yes.im sure it was every bit as influential as every music mag says it was.---but "unfinished symphony" is not the song of the decade, lets not get crazy.

  • Dr. E Brown - Do not buy...

    Bought this for a weather experiment. Could only produce 1.19 gigawatts, had to seek out another source that was very unpleasant to work with.

  • robert m - why have you not bought this?

    If you like to read mathematics and are wondering what others are doing this is a good read. I have the last few years worth and will continue to get them as long as they pursue their current level of quality.