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  • Neil Daly - A top tale which rolled along at a very good pace. I enjoyed it after reading a few ...

    Went straight into the story with mininal character building. But that didn't stop the book from being enthralling. A top tale which rolled along at a very good pace. I enjoyed it after reading a few books directed more towards adolescents.

  • ravenrock - Ravenrock

    Hated the main character. She is lazy, doesn't shave her legs, has no moral compass when faced with a murder/hit and run. Frankly, I couldn't finish this book as Evelyn made me sick and I didn't care what happened to her. I enjoy characters who face challenges and grow, not those who are too stupid to care about and whose problems are mostly self-made.

  • J. Abramson - Safe and Sound

    Our computer geek turned us on to this when a virus made it through our other virus security program and ate a hard drive. Have this on all our computers, both desktop and laptops. Have never had an incident or attack make it though ever since.

  • brittany hall - Great album!

    This album showcases her voice so well. Gaga always keeps a concept or theme of her albums, and this is no different.

  • ElioraImmanuel - My Favorite Bum Cream

    I began using this in 1989 when working in a nursing home. By the time I had my 1st baby I was able to find it in the store. This large jar lasts until my baby is out of diapers. However, I do use cloth so, rashes only occur w/a stomach bug or when we're vacationing and using disposables. If using w/cloth, make sure to use a liner.

  • Xevian - People don't fall for the scam!

    I was approached by a sales girl and due to her very aggressive advertising I was pressed to buy their products in the kiosk of a mall. I told the sales girl that I have very sensitive skin and can not use random cosmetic products. She promised me that her products are 100 percent safe. Then I tried a few products on my arm and forehead feeling OK, I bought a few items, BUT on my way I started to have allergic reactions. I drove back to return them (they are very expensive), they refused to issue me refund and pointed a small sign hidden among their products saying no refund will be issued. I feel I was totally ripped off!I am filing complaints with the mall as well as with BBB. So people, don't fall for their scams. There are a lot of bad reviews you can find online regarding this company and its kiosks.