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Organic e-liquid and e-cigarettes - Virgin Vapor is the leading provider of gourmet, organically flavored electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) liquids and refills.

  • http://www.virginvapor.com/pages/frequently-asked-questions Facts - Kai's Virgin Vapor - ◄Why organic? Because we’re California folk, we believe everything is better when it’s organic! We use only third party certified organic flavorings and organic
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  • Douglas Carlton - Security is fine but Outlook hangs up.

    The software seems to work better then the free Microsoft Security Essentuals however, it seems to hang up my Outlook 2010 at each download. I am unable to browse within the mail until it completes the download from my server. Until it speeds up, I would not recommend this product to my friend. I would like to see how it performs in an office environment.

  • Kaylee - Horrible.

    The Planchette is rediculously heavy and sticks to the board, the board is thin and flimsy. In all honesty I would just buy this for a little kid to just get the feel of a Planchette under their fingers. Pretty though.

  • Tee1029 - Action and mayhem with a side of sizzling hot romance

    Critical Intelligence is book number 2 in Mandy Roth's Immortal Ops shifter series. Geoffroi "Roi" Majors is second in command of an elite squad of supernatural shifters tasked with capturing supernatural bad guys. He lives to hunt the enemy, protect his friends and find as many willing women as he can. His life is just fine the way it is. He is definitely not looking for a mate. So when he meets and is forced to work with the annoyingly frustrating friend of his captains mate, he is eager to be done with her. If only it were that easy.

  • C. Cassidy - Easy to use!

    Very easy to use. I hope I can find a way to make other book types and how to share electronically. I haven't tried to do that yet.

  • Amazon Customer - Very easy book to read and gives a great overview of ...

    Very easy book to read and gives a great overview of all the National Parks, what to see and what to do if you dont have a lot of time. The only thing is that its not handy to walk around with if you are backing light:-)