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  • Eric T - Great TV

    Great TV with great features. Picture quality is amazing, smart TV functionality and remote are cutting edge. When I first purchased it, I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get the HDR feature to work. There were no instructions or guidance in this area. Eventually I figured out, to get HDR you have to connect the input to HDMI 1 as the other two ports do not have this functionality. This is probably my only pet peeve for this TV, the inability to utilize HDR on all 3 HDMI ports.

  • Jesse Hill - Cumbersom at best

    This magazine, or at least the kindle version of it has not been "designed" for tablet reading. It's a chore to constantly be zooming in and out to read text or see entire graphics. There is zero interactivity. Even webpage links are dead. If you have a network connection, popularscience.com is far more conducive to tablet reading. PS would be better charging for the ability to download and view their website offline.

  • Howard W. Gerald - Great tablet, beautiful display.. You must use the factory-supplied charging cable to charge it to 100%!

    This is a great tablet with a beautiful hi-res display. The only problem that I've had was getting the device to charge to 100%.. it would only charge to about 30% overnight. I had been plugging it into one of my existing charging cables, and finally came across the original charging cable that came with the tablet. It is a short cable, but significantly thicker than the other charging cables. When I tried the factory cable, it started charging to 100%!

  • Cultech - Wouldn't buy again

    I bought this because I needed it to open files on my new computer and did not have Access. I think that many other programs do what I needed from Access and so I will migrate them and not use it in the future.

  • Dave H. - My Wife thanks you Breathe Right --- we all sleep better because of this product.

    Got these as a present from wife because lately I had been snoring worse than usual and keeping her up at night. I don't know how to fully describe it but when I sleep I usually have to partly breathe through my mouth....if I try to sleep with my mouth closed I almost feel like I am not getting enough air through my nose. About 30 seconds after putting the fist Breathe Right on it was as if I could suddenly breathe deeply....the result was almost instant. By the time I laid down in bed I could easily breathe fully through my nose without opening my mouth at all. As a mouth breather it was a weird sensation but a good one. 7 nights later and the snoring has pretty much fully stopped. I have been sleeping better and feeling more rested when I get up and more importantly my wife has been a lot happier in the mornings! I now understand why athletes would want to wear these all the time for sporting events.....they make that much of a noticeable difference in your breathing.

  • Jude L. Davis - Now you can Know When to and not to!

    This product empowers women to have reliable information regarding their fertility. Knowledge is power and this gives reliable information to all who use it. I give it to my family and friends who want to know when they are fertile to conceive and those who want a non-invasive and drug-free form of birth control.

  • Mikey muse - Awesome Bible, search features challenging

    Of course the bible and translation is excellent, but searching it can be difficult using Amazon Kindle App (on ipad and ipod). Usually too many results, and you cannot select which book or if you prefer New Testament or Old Testament to limit results of a search. Great to have when reading long passages or complete books on the go.