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  • Bumblebee - Thick, rich, and nice herbal scent

    Wow, talk about mixed reviews! People seem to either love or hate this shampoo. I'm in the former camp.

  • Celticcowgirl23 - So far so good for Texas hesi exam

    I got this and I'm just now studying it, I plan to take the hesi exam in July and so far this book, is refreshing me on the information I've already learned and I'm excited to see how the outcome from studying this will be, it is a durable book and it is well put together. I will update how my exam goes from using this as my study book once I have it

  • Catskillet - ...makes my hair fall out!

    I have very thick hair which fortunately is very manageable and forgiving. I'm in my early 50's so I've tested many shampoos over the years...and I purchase products based on reviews - not on price. So in other words, I've spent my fair share on great-quality products. I can honestly say that over all the years and all the shampoos and conditioners I've tried...this one is the only one that makes my hair fall out ...by the handful! I thought perhaps it was due to hormonal changes (menopause....) but I've tried it before, during and after....and my hair still falls out - every time. I've never read any reviews similar to this so I'm sure it's probably a great product....just not for me. So, given that...if you are considering switching to these products - I highly recommend going with the sample size to start - just to make sure it doesn't make YOUR hair fall out too!

  • C. Roy - Great buy!

    It works really well! It also has a few attachments with it. It cleaned the bottom of our pool really well.

  • Darlene Cunningham - it looks rather sleek and stylish

    I travel a lot and there's nothing worse than trying to ignore a ringing phone when you're in the car driving and unable to pick up, so I was really pleased to try this out. The quality is so good!