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  • Cassey - not good quality

    This is cheap paper book and the quarters are hard to put in and they keep falling out. We have a blue one for the state quarters from Warmans and will purchasing the national parks one from them as well as it is much better quality than this one.

  • Finnman - Best book I have read on health and healing.

    I agree with one commentator in the book who said “Anyone who won’t research this method and try it for a month to understand that it works is truly dumber than a rock.” I have been oil pulling for about three weeks now, and have noticed a definite improvement in my health. Had a cold sore coming on that healed up quickly without becoming ugly. The author goes into great detail about dental health, and his comments about root canals and amalgam fillings are especially helpful. If I would have had this information years ago, I could have saved myself a lot of health problems. I am 67 yrs old, and consider myself in pretty good health, but I think I would have been better off if I had this advice earlier. One of the best books I have ever read on natural health and healing. If I had 10 stars I would give it a 10! Have already ordered another book by Bruce Fife on "The Coconut Ketogenic Diet".

  • L. MCINTYRE - Excellent

    I use this program instead of Turbo Tax because I can put it on more than one computer and it functions completely.

  • Midwest Pastor - Sizes

    While I LOVE the colors and the way these marvelous lady pens fit in my hand, I think the product could be just THAT MUCH BETTER if it came in different sizes. Like 36C instead of what seems like a standard double A size. My hand feels a bit restrained and the pen leaves red marks along the sides of my fingers. I know it's a common mistake that women buy pens that are too small for their hands, so perhaps BIC could have a specialty shop where we can get our hands measured for the perfect fit. I'd be willing to shell out more money for something that molds to my contours and can keep my knuckles properly supported.