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VVGi.nl / Vincent van Gogh voor geestelijke gezondheidszorg - Vincent van Gogh verleent optimale zorg aan mensen die kampen met psychische en/of psychiatrische aandoeningen. Herstel is het leidend principe.

Country:, Europe, NL

City: 4.5 South Holland, Netherlands

  • Kris - Not compatible with mint

    Doesn't link with Mint so its completely worthless to me unless I want to go back through years of transactions fixing everything. Also, several accounts it didn't pick up properly. Its always a shame when you buy something and immediately realize its unusable.


    I am also writing a review directly on the Sklz page since this is FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! this product is a TOY and should not be listed anywhere in sports or as a training aid.... unless you are ok using only wiffle balls... and still they wouldn't go higher than 12 ft... soft toss w regulation balls... this is a joke! in the highest setting with the hardest resistant on the spring that activates the catapult will not toss the ball higher than 2 feet!! maybe it could be a training aid for a kid going from T-Ball to Coach's pitch.. but that's it... now regarding price-value, this item should cost no more than $25...

  • Julia's Disciple - backlash

    i have been using this for a few weeks and have not noticed any difference in my lashes. used to use MD Lash Factor but the new one i bought does not work either and irritates my eyes. a lot of hype for nothing. this is my last attempt. i am going to use false eyelashes when i need to have great peepers. btw, none of these products work anymore since the FDA banned the use of the ingredients that make the lashes longer.

  • A. Emery - Great bag, very durable

    I bought the Small Classic Messenger a couple of weeks ago. I'm constantly told how "tiny" I am, standing at 5'3" on a tall day, and the small is huge on me. I thought about getting the medium initially, but it would have been entirely too large of a bag on its own. The bag is extremely well made and durable. The pictures make the bag out to be a lot darker than it is in person. The Empire Red/Graphite bag and its more of a burgundy and almost forest green/gray colored.

  • Amazon Customer - Very good, but could be even better

    I have used an earlier version and have recently upgraded. While it works well, it is slow and has a few oddities to it. In the calendar monthly view, it does not display the time for meetings nor does it allow you to catagorize as does Outlook. Also, it would be helpful if it would have fields for spouse birthdays, children, etc. In today's business it is helpful to have info such as this at your fingertips when talking to clients. Sync'ing with Outlook could be much better. I use a Blackberry and it is difficult going between the Blackberry, Outlook and Act. Things either get deleted, or repeated multiple times on the various equipment.

  • Professor Farnsworth - Works great

    Love my BOB and love that I can use the adapter. I have the keyfit 30, works like a charm. Easy to put together, seat snaps in like other chicco strollers, etc. If I had known how great this stroller is I would not have gotten the travel system, but just the seat with this stroller. I might change my mind as I am going to fly several times soon and I don't want my BOB to get beat up, so I will take the chicco stroller.