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Wellness Partners LLC - We are Wellness Partners, LLC, a women-owned business specializing in healthcare communications.

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  • Cal Bowen - Not at all related to the book series

    I was expecting these to be at least somewhat related to foods from the popular book series. Out of ten recipes, three are butterscotch and there is a recipe for ice cream sundaes. Not sure what these have to do with Harry Potter or why I need a recipe to put toppings of my choice on ice cream.

  • Nanc - I was so pleased by this movie and Shirley and Hope performed awesome

    I was so pleased by this movie and Shirley and Hope performed awesome. I laughed all the way through the movie. Just great. Thanks for having it available.

  • jonie baden - relacore effectiveness

    Relacore is not effective as I expect it would be. It need's to be coupled by exercise and diet. So, I stop taking and I just exercise and do some diet modification.

  • Anthony Elliott - One of the greatest products that I have in my garage...

    I have had this product now for a few years and it works great. It is usually on a battery everyday desulferating it as I have at least 10 batteries in the yard between vehicles and boats and solar devices. Usually if you get 5 years out of a battery you are doing okay and that is kind of the average because most people don't maintain batteries and they don't service them until there is a problem and their vehicle doesn't start for example. I routinely check water levels on the batteries and then stick the batteries on this device for 3 or days straight which cleans them up and brings them back to almost new and now I hope to double the life of every battery that I have which would be 10 years use. This is simple to use and once you hook it up to a battery you can just leave it and you don't have to worry. I will buy another one of these but this one is still going strong and is great!!