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  • Jessica - Great and Easy to use Salt/Pepper grinder

    It's a little bigger than we thought it would be, but it's very easy to use. You really can grind with one hand, which I was skeptical of before it arrived. My kids can even do it one handed. There's a rubber cover on top and all you do is peel it back to fill it up. So far we've only used salt in it, but you can do pepper as well. It's definitely worth the price. We haven't washed it yet but it looks like it will be easy to clean too. We'll be purchasing another so we can have both salt and pepper.

  • Amazon Customer - Content too mature for tweens

    The game is ok. Works fine. But some of the song content is very sexually suggestive, both in lyrics and dance moves. I purchased this for my 17, 10, and 8 year old daughters, and there are multiple songs that are too suggestive for them to play.

  • jalcruces - Great Stuff!

    This stuff is great for anyone with frizzy fly away hair. It works best on hair that is left natural. If you style your hair it is bound to mess it up. If you put it on while your hair is wet, it may take forever to dry. I find that just a dab goes a long way. You do not saturate your hair with it. You take about a teaspoon full, rub it in your hands and then run your hands through your hair. If your hair is really long or thick, do it this way, just a dab at a time until it gets how you want it. Some others have posted that it is greasy. It is not. It is "silky". It has almost an albumen-like slick feel to it, but it is not "grease" or anything near it. It has hydrolyzed silk in it and that is what makes it slick and smooth, not grease. If you get too much of it in one area then your hair will have a "greasy" look to it. So you have to be careful and apply it sparingly and evenly. I have super curly and frizzy fly away hair. When I apply this evenly... and I probably use a dab about three times throughout my hair, it tames the frizzes down to a nice wavy curl. LOVE this stuff! It is not sticky, greasy, or waxy. And is nothing like hair gel and stuff like that. There is nothing else out there like this stuff. Believe me, I've tried finding others since they stopped carrying this stuff locally, and there just isn't.

  • David Denver - Toyota all weather vs. weather tec

    Great product! Definitely keeps has better coverage than the all weather Toyota mats! If you buy them here you won't have to pay the dealership prices for an inferior product.