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  • Carla J Barrett - You've got to do the exercises...

    When I first read this book, I thought it had some pretty good points about how to get a job or change your career but it wasn't a life-changing experience for me at the time. The second time I picked up this book, I was in a workshop where we were actually going to do the exercises in the book. What a huge difference this made in what I got out of this book!

  • Danielle - It's perfect!

    This item is exactly what I expected. I love it! There is a slight smell, but nothing to give it a bad review over. After all it is a new product. I used it recently with my rotary cutter to cut cloth and you would never know that I used it. I can't see any cuts in the mat whatsoever. When I was done, I wiped off the scrap fabric and it looked like new.

  • sfla99 - Great potential that feels difficult to unveil

    This app seems so capable if it were only more fluid, it seems to lag quite a bit (I assume as a result of the library they chose for the GUI). In addition another miss not seen in other competing products is the nagging of registering or in many cases paying for additional codecs not installed with the application.

  • Cheryl Sparling - Absolutely perfect for my 2013 Ford Explorer XLT

    Absolutely perfect for my 2013 Ford Explorer XLT. This was very easy and programming worked flawlessly. Instructions provided are good and clear and the videos on YouTube are more than helpful. Thanks a bunch.

  • brooklyn095 - Where's my rump?

    I have always been blessed in my rump area but sadly to say, my tummy was almost as big as my rump. I started eating right and exercising rigorously, I started losing my stomach but with that I started to lose my rump as well and though I love working out, I hated doing squats and what ever else comes with working on my glutes. I tried Iso butt cream years ago but didn't really need it at the time so I stopped using it. After losing so much weight I was desperate to get my rump back without the expensive, dangerous surgery or injections, Well since using Iso cream in conjunction of squats (yes I learned to love them) my rump looks better than ever! I found my rump😉

  • Renee J. Barnaby - Save your $$

    Granted, I loved the "ice cream" this produced. Wow! Wait, until it started smoking about the fourth time I used it. It never actually caught fire, but sure came close. But I found a GREAT replacement! I use my KitchenAid meat grinder. It may not look like ice cream, but it has the same smooth consistency. Give it a try.

  • Dave Powell - Great product. It works perfectly and is easy to ...

    Great product. It works perfectly and is easy to use. Better results than any electric Ive tried, and I tried three different ones.