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Welcome to Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital - Oconomowoc, WI - Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital is a leading horse clinic and hospital providing care for horses throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest

  • http://www.wisconsinequineclinic.com/about-us/ Learn about Wisconsin's foremost equine medical center in Southeastern Wisconsin - Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital is staffed with renowned doctors and cutting edge medical technology, procedures and treatments
  • http://www.wisconsinequineclinic.com/services/ Equine Medical Services - We care for the well-being and Health of your Horse - At Wisconsin Equine Clinick and Hospital, our doctors specialize in virtually every area of equine medicine; Routine Health, Internal medicine, Surgery, Critical Care, Reproduction and Fertility, Equine Dentistry, Equine Eye Care, Alternative Medicine, Sports Medicine/Lameness evaluations
  • http://www.wisconsinequineclinic.com/services/health-and-wellness/ Routine Equine Health & Wellness - Welness Visits, Nutrition, Geriatric Horse Wellness - At Wisconsin Equine Clinick and Hospital, keeping your horse healthy is our top priority. Your horse's health and wellness has many aspects, both young and old.
  • http://www.wisconsinequineclinic.com/services/health-and-wellness/wellness-program/ Equine Wellness Program - Preventative Health Care for your Horse - Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital performs routine medical evaluations twice yearly for your horses wellness and preventative health care
  • http://www.wisconsinequineclinic.com/services/health-and-wellness/senior-and-special-care-program/ Equine Geriatric Program - Preventative Health Care for Older Horses - Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital's Geriatric Program caters the changes associated with age experienced by older horses
  • http://www.wisconsinequineclinic.com/services/field-service/ Equine Field Services - Routine Health and Wellness, Emergency Service - Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital provides exceptional field service to our client's horses including farm calls, routine health, vaccinations, dentistry and health exams.
  • http://www.wisconsinequineclinic.com/services/diagnostic-imaging-center/ Diagnostic Imaging Center at Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital - Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital is proud to offer our clients Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI, Digital Radiography and Ultrasound.
  • http://www.wisconsinequineclinic.com/services/diagnostic-imaging-center/digital-radiography/ Equine Digital Radiography - Horse X-ray - Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital is capable of providing superior quality digital radiographs of your horse both in the field and in the hospital.
  • http://www.wisconsinequineclinic.com/services/diagnostic-imaging-center/mri/ Equine MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) - Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital is one of a few US veterinary clinics to have a standing, open MRI system for diagnosing your horse's condition
  • http://www.wisconsinequineclinic.com/services/surgery/ Elective and Emergency Surgical Procedures at Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital - We offer a wide variety of surgical procedures to meet our clients' needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • http://www.wisconsinequineclinic.com/services/internal-medicine/ Internal Medicine Services at Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital - Internal medicine services for your horse cover a wide range of care including colic evaluations, gastroscopy, endoscopy, cardiac analysis, neurological assessments, neonatal care and dietary management consultation.
  • http://www.wisconsinequineclinic.com/services/critical-care-center/ Equine Critical Care Center of Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital - Please don't hesitate to contact the Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital for more information or to set up a consultation
  • http://www.wisconsinequineclinic.com/services/alternative-medicine/ Alternative Equine Medicine - Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy - Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital provides various alternative methods of healing and alternative medicines for your horse
  • http://www.wisconsinequineclinic.com/services/alternative-medicine/vsmt/ Equine Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy (VSMT) - Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital has AVCA trained veterinarians on staff to provide spinal manipulation or chiropractic adjustments for your horse
  • http://www.wisconsinequineclinic.com/services/alternative-medicine/acupuncture/ Equine Acupuncture - Promote Healing and Relieve Pain for your Horse - One of Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital's certified veterinary acupuncturists can use acupuncture as an alternative medicine for treating your horse
  • http://www.wisconsinequineclinic.com/services/reproduction/ Equine Reproduction & Fertility Services - At Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital, reproductive success and horse safety are our two top concerns related to horse breeding
  • http://www.wisconsinequineclinic.com/services/reproduction/stallion-services/ Equine Stallion Services - Horse Semen Collection, Freezing, Shipping - Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital is ready to help you with stallion management, semen collection, semen freezing, semen orders and shipping
  • http://www.wisconsinequineclinic.com/services/reproduction/mare-services/ Equine Mare Services - Breeding, Insemination, Foaling, Embryo Transfer, Fetal Sexing - Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital specializes in mare services from breeding or insemination to pregnancy evaluations and fetal sexing.
  • http://www.wisconsinequineclinic.com/services/reproduction/forms-and-requirements/ Equine Reproduction Services Forms and Requirements - Please contact Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital for additional information or questions regarding our Reproductive Services
  • http://www.wisconsinequineclinic.com/services/sports-medicine-lameness/ Equine Sports Medicine and Lameness Evaluation - Joint Injection, IRAP, PRP, Stem Cell Therapy - The veterinarians of Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital are ready to take care of all your horse's performance and lameness needs, including sports medicine and lameness evaluations.
  • http://www.wisconsinequineclinic.com/services/sports-medicine-lameness/shockwave-therapy/ Equine Shockwave Therapy - Ligament Damage, Tendons, Back Problems, Bone and Joint Disease - Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital utilizes Shockwave Therapy to stimulate the horse's natural healing and repain mechanisms
  • http://www.wisconsinequineclinic.com/services/sports-medicine-lameness/advanced-regenerative-therapy/ Advanced Regenerative Therapy - IRAP, Stem Cells, PRP - Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital uses advance regenerative therapies for the treatment of tendon, ligament and joint injuries for horses
  • http://www.wisconsinequineclinic.com/services/dentistry/ Equine Dentistry - Dental Exams, Dental Care, Teeth Floating - Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital can provide your horse dental care either in the field or at the clinic. Healthy teeth is essential to your horse's dental health.
  • http://www.wisconsinequineclinic.com/services/eye-care/ Equine Eye Care - Equine recurrent uveitis, corneal ulcers, glaucoma, conjunctivitis - Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital's board certified ophthalmologists can evaluate your horses eyese, diagnose eye conditions and provide medical or surgical treatment options.
  • http://www.wisconsinequineclinic.com/services/podiatry-center/ Equine Podiatry Center - Shoeing, Hoof Care, Farriers - Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital's Podiatry Center is dedicated to the hoof care of your horse
  • http://www.wisconsinequineclinic.com/staff/ Equine Veterinarians, Technicians and Staff - Our highly respected staff at Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital are known throughout the Midwest for exceptional equine medical care and focused on the well-being of your horse.
  • http://www.wisconsinequineclinic.com/staff/veterinarians/ Equine Veterinarians - board certified, highly skilled and devoted to your horse - The doctors at Wiscons Equine Clinic and Hospital are available 24/7 to work together and care for your horse

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