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  • Matt K - Almost Perfect!!!

    These were the best look earpods for the price. When they arrived I noticed they are made of good quality. The drivers are a little big though. They come with 3 different size ear hooks and silicon ear plugs. After wearing them at the gym for a couple of hours they began to hurt my ears. I tried again and still I could not get around the discomfort. I finally realized the the ear plugs have a plastic stem that snaps on to the earpod and the the length of it plus the ear hook causes it to push against the inner ear which causes the discomfort. I was about to return these in disappointment because I knew I would not be able to find anything better without spending a lot more. I've already got a pair of KANOA's on the way hopefully. Well I happened to have some silicon ear pieces from some older heaphones that are not quite as long as the factory ones. They do not snap on as securely though, but they are shorter and so the drivers don't stick as as far as and cause the unwanted pressure. This little fix has made these useable. They also seal off any outside noise and even more so with the OEM ear plugs. I can hear myself breathe and the cord slapping on my neck. It's very annoying. Also the cord falls to one side because of the control module, which is frustrating having to continuously adjust it all the time. I wish they had a way to tighten up the slack. I have found they last a few hours on one charge. I can get about 3.5 gym workouts of around 1 hour each on a single charge. Not great, but good enough. I hope this review helps in your decisions.

  • Matt - Five Stars

    Great case! Compliments the jet black finish flawlessly!!! Fits well and protects! A must have for 7 users!!!

  • Myerlin Sterling - Very good price, Book came early but there was no CD

    Book came really early; however, there was no CD in the book. I was very Disappointed as I was looking forward to used the CD as it would be more convenient :(

  • Avitous - The Next Logical Step

    Once upon a time, I purchased the State Quarter tri-fold book by this company at a bookstore. That began a fun and simple collection that occupied me for many years. Now, thanks to this company, I not only get to continue collecting with the new State Park Quarters, but I also get to have a tri-fold book that matches my first one! They are the same size in every way, so it makes storing and displaying so very simple.

  • carebear - DANGEROUS!!!!!

    DANGEROUS!!! i am a mom of three boys and this is the most crazy stroller ever! My 7 month old hit his head on the tray in front because there is no securing the seat back(i was going down a small curb bc no ramp)! He was able to pull himself up and flop allover the place! With the 5 point harness on.

  • MONTANAMIKE - Would highly recommend it. I keep my spare keyless entry fob ...

    Had one of these for almost 10 years before the road salt and chemicals got to it. Would highly recommend it. I keep my spare keyless entry fob and some cash in it. Both in zip lock baggies and the fob wrapped in foil. The car does not sense the spare fob.