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Richardson Gynecological Care, IUD Insertion, Infertility & Menopause Treatment - Dr Khan provides complete gynecological care, iud insertion, infertility & menopause treatment in Richardson, Plano, Garland, Carrollton, Rowlett, TX.

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  • Lisa Newberry - Know what is realistic to avoid disappointment...

    Most of the negative reviews I have read seem to be due to a misunderstanding of what they are getting as well as a lack of general knowledge as to how the coloring process affects your hair in general. If you dye your blonde hair darker, and then use this product,you most likely are not going to end up back you your pre dyed hair. It doesn't work like that.Dye that uses a developer (as most dyes do) actually lifts your hair to open the shaft for the molecules to penetrate and thus deposit color,, so it usually is not back to "normal", just whatever the result is from the process minus the pigment..so not your natural hair, and possibly not even something that looks like your natural hair. Don't expect to rinse it and have a beautiful color, as this usually isn't the case either..it is a color remover, it does not tint your hair to a more acceptable shade suited more to your tastes..that is what you do after this remover does it's job with additional dye. It is simply removes the color. Even with a ton of rinsing (which you HAVE to do), if you are trying to rid yourself of a dark base, it will darken slightly, as it is next to impossible to remove all color (no matter what product you use!) unless you bleach it out, which is a whole different process. As for the smell, well that is simply chemistry, it is a sulfur based, and sulfur is what actually deoxidizes the pigment, so yes, it smells bad, but is necessary, so honestly, I don't see it as a negative as opposed to a necessary evil .It does not linger much longer then 24 hours, usually. (those of us who have used perms in the past..it is no where near as strong as that smell, thank goodness!) It is watery, but I feel like knowing this ahead of time is winning the battle, as I really didn't have an issue applying it to my hair at all without dripping it everywhere. Lastly, use caution when re applying dye, and try for 1-2 shades lighter than your desired shade, as well as really keeping an eye on the development, as it takes significantly less time to develop then usual. A warmer color is generally recommended, as hair treated with oops tends to pull ash, or cool..so I would really recommend a strand test before applying more color to your whole head, just in case. This is a wonderful product, but one must really be realistic and have some working knowledge of how hair coloring and processing works to prevent disappointment.

  • Davebart - unreadable

    printing was black on black background and white on white background.. too many photos and graphics to be readable on an e device. if yiu can find an almanac version of thr Guiness book, buy that one instead

  • Zeke Turner - Didn't work for me

    My acne has been pretty bad for a while and I was deciding between this and the Severe Acne treatment that AcneFree also puts out and chose the gentler sounding one. I used this product for a few weeks with basically no change in the condition of my skin so I decided to try the Severe Acne treatment and have been very satisfied with the results. So if you're having trouble deciding between which treatment to get, I would certainly recommend the Severe Acne treatment over this one.