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Yavapai Regional Medical Center - YRMC…a not-for-profit healthcare provider offering inpatient/outpatient services, including two acute care hospitals, primary and specialty clinics.

Country:, North America, US

City: -112.8815 Arizona, United States

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    One of the best software manuals I've read. Very clear and appears to be complete. I had first "tried it out" by borrowing it from my local library; once I read through a few chapters, I knew this one would need a place on my shelf for trusty resources.

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    Bought for my wife who cannot remember most anything, however I remember how great this company is, so I am excited for her.

  • HomerWright - Kindle needs to improve its format for medical textbooks

    The high-yield content is excellent, and this is a staple for any medical student in the first two years of school. The Kindle format, however, is clunky, slow, and outdated compared to Inkling. Why is this title not available via the Inkling platform? I almost exclusively buy textbooks which are packaged with Student- or ExpertConsult, which enables me digital access via Inkling. I say 'almost', because I made an exception for this valuable title. If the publishers are reading this, I strongly urge them to consider broadening platforms and license with Inkling, or if Amazon Kindle folks are reading this, then I ask you to improve the Kindle format for medical text books; an investment in this area will yield a better customer experience and lead to higher sales in the future. Thanks.

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