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  • Hannah - Hospitalized because of this product

    I work out regularly, eat right, and wanted to add this to my routine to see what it was about. I took it as directed for three days and then stopped when I noticed I didnt feel right (I did not have a caffeine sensitivity prior). After three days and nights of my heart pounding out of my chest and feeling dizzy and short of breath I had to make a trip to the ER. The doctors gave me an EKG and all of the tests and told me I'd have to wait for the rest of the stimulants to metabolize out of my body- and they also told me it affected me thyroid making it underactive. I looked for contact information to make the company aware of it but it doesn't exist. I left a review of this on Muscletech's website but it, conveniently, isn't being posted.

  • Delores Walmer - Yonana

    I received this product as a gift and was so pleased with it that I immediately ordered one for my daughter. She, too, thinks this is a wonderful machine. I would buy another one with no hesitation. As usual, Amazon proved to be a wonderful place to purchase items. Thank you.

  • MatthewC - Very solid HP-compatible toner cartridge. Good value.

    I have used this toner cartridge heavily and it is still going strong. The prices are starting to creep up for LD products and they are no longer my first choice. But given the time I bought this unit and still using it, I will give it a 5-star. I have run into some cheap, defective units but LD is not one of them. But if I bought this today at current prices, I might have to give a 4-star. LD is good but they need to be mindful where they came from.


    I bought this for high blood pressure after reading other reviews commenting on its efficacy. A little bout me: I'm in my mid-thirties and I've had high blood pressure since I was 26. my doc has put me on several different high blood pressure meds over the years with no success. 150/90 was a good day for me. After I got my son, my BP went through the roof and stayed there. I was in the high 150's, sometimes 163. I ended up getting scared and decided to look into this. I had tried Metoprolol, Procardia, Furosemide and another one whose name I can't remember (something with Lo...)

  • An old lady - I love Grey's - this review is directed at Amazon - ...

    I love Grey's - this review is directed at Amazon - It is 8:01 am on Friday, and last nights episode of Grey's is not available yet, while it is available on Hulu. If you are going to have people pre-pay for a season, you should offer episodes in a timely manner.

  • SlackerChick - 100 percent right on shippung materials.

    There really is not much to say about vitamins. I mean the flavor was ok, but tgey are vitamins they should not taste like candy. However, I was extremely imressed with the shipping packages. There were ice packes in the boxes to the gummies from melting together.