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  • DaDenz - Great Truck!

    I love this truck! Mine is the limited edition, and it offers features that cannot be found on the competition. It drives like a truck (as a truck should), and has a dash and controls that are inviting, practical, and amazing to look at. It is a gorgeous truck. The only reason why I don't give it five stars is because it seems a little under-powered. This takes a little getting used to, since the driver has to "step on it" to get the same results that might be achieved by merely beginning to depress the gas pedal in other vehicles. But, when you step on it, it goes and gives plenty of power. It handles well, and overall, is a blast to drive. Its a nice size that offers the interior comforts of an SUV, with the practical back end of a truck. The size is great for getting in and out of a parking garage vs. a full size truck, while offering the ruggedness and practicality of a truck. This is a macho truck with a lot of the luxuries I've come to appreciate.

  • Gail Schwandt - Rating ZetaClear Nail Fungus Formula

    I used the products, both liquid applied to nail and the oral spray, as instructed and have not seen any improvement of the fungal condition of my nails. I'd not recommend this product to anyone although the company seems to have MANY hype-sites on the web.

  • Tina Bommarito - be careful

    if you sign up for $1/month access fee, you are charged $50/month until you cancel. and they will not credit you for it.

  • Tim Stone - Software concern with Neat Desk - READ THREAD - Improvements noted

    I purchased this product because the concept sounded great. However, once the software was installed, my computer was severely impaired. From login to the display of the desktop was delayed by 6 additional minutes. I contacted the company and found out this is essentially what their software does, and there is no solution.

  • colormeviolet - Cheap and effective

    I bought this at a great price to protect my netbook and I'm glad amazon offers it. It basically has all of the features I need in order to adequately protect my netbook from spyware, viruses, etc. while surfing the internet and downloading pdfs files for school. This is also great if you just need a simple antivirus for one computer, considering that most antiviruses are meant to cover more than 1 computer, but sells for a higher price.