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  • Jenna - Amazing Debut Novel

    This engaging science fiction adventure is an amazing debut novel. Extremely well-written and plotted, it takes us on a first contact voyage with unexpected twists and turns. The protagonist, linguist Jane Holloway, is well-drawn as events lead her to greater confidence and authority. The freewheeling engineer Alan Bergen offers an interesting contrast. The alien aspects of the story are fascinating. Clear, satisfying ending, but sequels needed! Keep writing, Ms. Wells.

  • Sherry & Doug - I cant find anything out there on the market that even compares to this serum.

    I love this stuff. i have been using it off and on for years. I do stop every once in a while to give my skin a break, just because I think you shouldnt constantly cover all your pores, your skin needs to breath. It makes my skin so soft, and my make up lays atop with perfection. I have also noticed that I do not have as much acne when I use it. At almost 40 years old, I still have occasional breakouts. I truly believe this serum helps keep my skin look healthier. My husband will tell you that he agrees that my skin looks younger and more radiant when I am using the serum, even if its only day one or two. I will continue to use this stuff, and hope it never goes away - I have found nothing like it, and I have tried because it can be costly - But it is well worth it. Love Love Love!!

  • Aammy - NETFLIX

    I love NETFLIX and now that I have a Kindle I can watch anywhere in the house! It's absolutely fabulous!

  • Jack Spratson - Don't Make The Same Mistake I Made

    While in total awe of this amazing device I unintentionally attempted to pass a TSA check point with the Wenger in my luggage. Well lets just put it this way, the US Supreme Court just ruled that I'm the only guy in the country which no longer has ANY protections under the constitution. I'm writing this review on toilet paper from my cell at Guantanamo and will have to do unspeakable things to get this review carried back to the states and posted on Amazon.

  • Troy Jackson - Great

    My Fiance swears by this and she has been feeling much better since she finished her first cleanse. So much so she did again and has been feeling like a awesome since. Her energy levels have gone way up. Awesome product!