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  • Unpretentious Reviewer - Nice price for the real deal.

    It's pretty. It's the real deal. It looks even better than it does in the picture when it sparkles next to Christmas lights.

  • Linda Sommer - Use Before You See the Mice

    I have used this product for about three years. The year before I first used it I had families of mice in my two car garage. Since then, in late Summer or early Fall I put 4 pouches around the garage and the mice have not come in. The scent is rather strong for a couple of days, but it does dissipate. The trick is to get the repellent in before the mice get in. I would much rather have the smell than even think about trapping and killing mice.

  • A Customer - I would not not recommend this product or any other Hallmark Card Studio Products

    I would not not recommend this product or any other Hallmark Card Studio Products! They have horrible customer service (if any) and they do not offer any assistance or support for their products! Once you purchase this - you are on your own! Purchase from another Card Company.

  • Y. M. Collins - Adequate lighting, nice design.

    Well designed. Motion sensing light brightens when motion detected, about 15 feet away. Dims and steady light if no motion at night. Lasts the whole night. If no motion, dims after about 30 seconds. Comes with mounting hardware and a little paperclip size tool to turn on and off ,for storage? ?

  • hollandpainting - Software works great but watch out payroll subscription details and customer service

    I've been using QB Pro since 1998 to run my small contracting business and do payroll. While I'm very happy with the software itself and how the payroll works (we do our own), I just don't understand why Intuit charges more for the auto renewal of their subscription service than other third party vendors like Amazon. Looking at my Intuit account just now, I saw that the renewal for 4 or more employees is going to be $429 this year. This is up significantly from last year and costs over $100 more than buying QB Pro 2013 w/enhanced payroll from Amazon and then upgrading to the 4+ employee option.

  • KymmLisa - Just ordered another bottle!

    After having skin cancer twice, from baking myself in the sun all my like, I've learned my lesson and switched to sunless tanners. I must have tried 10-15 different brands in the last two years! They all either smelled really bad, looked orange, or made a huge mess and transferred onto my clothing for days!! Then I tried Tan Physics after reading it was rated #1 by one of the beauty magazine I read. When it came I was hesitant to put it on, so it sat on my counter for a few days then I tried it and WOW this goes on just like lotion, you can see where it's going on, there are no streaks, no orange color and no transfer onto my clothing! Believe me if you want to try a self tanner, this is it!!

  • Daniel M - Delton MI - These are really nice Bluetooth wireless headphones

    These are really nice Bluetooth wireless headphones. The headphones are nicely made and are stylish in design. They really look nice and professional when you wear them. The headphone part sits inside the necklace part magnetically and they stay in place very nicely when you are not using them in your ears. The controls are all located right on the necklace portion of the headphones - they pair easily with Bluetooth, I had no trouble at all doing so. The controls are easy to locate and easy to use as well. The necklace part is a decent size and fits a variety of neck sizes as well. They sound nice and have a very nice balanced sound to them, a decent bass level paired with crisp highs and full midtones. The battery seemed to last decently long as well - about 3 1/2 hours while I was listening to music the entire time. I did receive these at a promotional rate in order to do the review, but they are nice headphones and are deserving of the 5 star review I left.