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  • D. Page - Good time

    Fun game. You have the option to play just with the camera only and it does a nice job of picking up your moves. My wife and I had a good time showing each other's dance moves off together and the video at the end showing our actual moves was fun. Overall a great game and well worth the price of the game and the PS4 Camera.

  • J. Alden - Pat Down Instructions Vague

    Got this for my little niece. I had to explain how the TSA had a license to pat people down, and occasional "junk-touching" happens. As the picture shows, there is a security dude with a genital scanner. He's the one you have to watch out for. I had to go through the motions with the toy people and show my niece how to kick them in the nuts while yelling "NO! NO! NO!" if this touching happened. It's a good lesson for life. I would have given a higher review if the legs would do a proper kicking motion.

  • aria nakamura - love this oil-free lotion!

    I love this lotion. it is the best I've used for a long while. the only thing a bit imperfect is that like other sunscreens it stings my eyes a little even when I'm just using it on my face. however, it's not that bad, and I like the SPF 15 too. you can totally feel how it's oil-free, because ever since I began using it, the oily pores beneath my mouth are gone. my skin is a lot smoother now. this is great for oily skin like mine. i like it so much I even bought one bottle for my friend.


    I have been with Norton for years, but on the recommendation of ESET users, I have switched this year. I have only been using the program for a month but am very pleased with its functions and safety features.

  • Altar Boy - Some Good Ideas . . . But Bad Implimentation

    If earth is the only stop then one has to question whether Christian morality has any merit or purpose at all. If Jesus was a myth created by men then perhaps Obama's relativistic belief in a world where man moves forward not backwards is logical, as social and economic progress and redistribution of wealth in a universe with no heaven may be the only reasonable path to achieve universal fairness. HOWEVER, if life on earth is part of a Divine Plan revealed by Jesus Christ, then social and economic progress and ownership of property needs to be made consistent with this Revelation. Because this book fails to conform to orthodox divine revelation it may be in some respects anti-Christ. It calls for action by MAN despite whether that action may go against the inspiration and leading of the Holy Spirit and His Church. The Amazon review of the book by "the young theologian" is a good point by point unraveling of what I'm talking about.

  • Holly Danielson - This is some of the best skillet sauce

    This is some of the best skillet sauce! I use it to make shredded crock pot chicken on Sundays - the best!