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  • Amazon Customer - I am so Happy I found this DVD while online getting info on ...

    I am so Happy I found this DVD while online getting info on Back Surgery, that I did not want to do. I have spent thousands with a Chiropractor and I was just getting worse. I could not walk, sit, or even sleep. I suffered for about a year and a half and I knew I had to do something, It was effecting my whole way of living. I ordered this as my last resort before having to decide on injections or surgery. I received it two weeks ago and for about 15 minutes of my time in the morning. I am just about Pain Free, I can't believe it! I am back to taking walks and sleeping all night. This DVD was the best thing I ever spent money on. Thank you so much for making it available.

  • Eliana Selzer - This is the REAL deal. Not a knock off!

    This is the real deal. I bought it years and years ago from an infomercial. I had bleached my hair from dark brown to a platinum blond, and it was a mess. Dry, brittle, just terrible. I tried this product as a last resort, and it actually worked! My hair was beautiful and silky soft after two uses. I attempted to buy this product from a different seller recently, and the product was light, and had virtually no scent to it. The seller insisted that it was an updated product, but it did not work like the original formulation if that was really the case. My suspicion is that the other seller is selling a knock off of some sort. THIS is the real formulation.

  • Rita Rucker - I love this stuff

    I love this stuff. You really have to experiment and find your own correct routine. I did the 3 steps morning and night and it dried out my face so bad! I felt like a crocodile! Either start slow and learn from your mistakes and adjust. I just use the first step and sometimes the last. You must use a moisturizer! This cleared up a lot of stubborn pimples I constantly had for years. Now I just have to worry about the acne scars.

  • Shaiha - Slight exaggeration.

    I do like this cup as it is a great size for me. I drink a lot of iced tea a day. And I just love how my glass doesn't sweat. The reason I am not rating it higher is while the ice does last longer, there is no way it would last 24 hours. In my drink starting out with tumbler half full of ice and cold tea, the ice had all melted after three hours. My drink stayed really cold but talk about a slight exaggeration.

  • Yasmeen Alvarez - It really works lol

    I'm not one to use lotions to make my "dream" body, but this cream really works! As soon as i put the cream on, I can feel the tingly cool feeling. That's the bestest way I can describe it. But it works (: