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zyban-bestellen - Zyban bij het stoppen met roken online bestellen en online informatie over stoppen met roken

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  • Bella003 - Amazing

    I have struggled with back acne since high school, and this is the only product that has successfully given me clear skin.

  • Amazon Customer - What a wonderful car seat

    What a wonderful car seat! We originally were looking at the Clek Foonf but decided to give this one a try considering the slightly cheaper price. It is very solid and sturdy. The materials appear to be of high quality. Yes, there is some assembly but once done, that is it. We have not yet had to adjust for weight so I can't comment on that. You do have to change the angle of the seat once your child is at a certain weight.

  • A. Thibideau - Best all-around software

    Having used both Delorme (2010) and MS Streets & Trips (2013), I can say that both have their points, but if you want POIs, there is no competition: Delorme wins hands down. They both provide directions well enough. I had no problems with either one. One might think that the familiar Windows desktop versus the more DOS-based-looking Delorme would be an advantage, but the over-use of menus to me overrides the benefit. Obviously, you can't interactively use either one while driving. For this and other reasons, I found using MS Streets & Trips a bit more cumbersome. Once you understand the Delorme desktop, it shouldn't be a problem. Then again, you may be so used to Windows, you will find yourself a bit overwhelmed at first. Both require configuration with the GPS. You have to know which com port it uses, which you find in the Device Manager under ports, and coordinate that with the program. This can change too depending on devices you have plugged in. All in all, I would choose the Delorme. Since the Plus version includes phone-number lookup for the entire country, that adds to the value of Delorme for me. Few of us have internet in the car (though I'm waiting for Google to come with that one for the masses!). One more thing: with MS, once you activate, you're out of luck activating it on another device. Not so with Delorme.

  • Col Art Loughry, Marine Corps Retired - Lots of well written stories, but I think the ...

    Lots of well written stories, but I think the selectors favor East Coast stories. Maybe, it's where most are submitted.