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  • Rick Perez - Almost great

    It's so close to being 5 stars. Cup works great and is exactly as advertised but... the "sliding" lid is the issue. This lid doesn't sit all the way into the cup, there is a millimeter or so of a gap from cup edge to lid edge. This is right where you bottom lip rests while drinking and it's annoying. I have not had it spill due to this but I also did not trust itand would constantly keep trying to press the lid back down.

  • Ashley - the pills are easy to swallow and they do not taste bitter

    This eye vision health supplement is a complete eyesight formula that supplies your eyes with essential nutrients that protect them as you age and that provide the vital nutrients for the production of healthy cells. It also helps support clearer vision with age, supply vital eye care nutrients for the production of new cells, protect eyes from oxidation damage with antioxidants, and as an added bonus, it promotes a healthy cardiovascular system. In my opinion, the pills are easy to swallow and they do not taste bitter. Great product and great brand! I received a discount on this product in a special promotion. My review, my opinion and experience is honest and 100% genuine. If you found this review helpful then please, please, please give me a yes vote. I appreciate it so, so much!

  • Jimmy C Neal Sr - DESERVES 7.5 STARS

    DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2015 Plus works exceptionally well for my travel planning. It is not a panacea for all mapping concerns because nothing is absolute. Nevertheless, it is the best until something better is marketed. Importantly, I had to take the necessary time to comprehend how to use the 'bells & whistles' on the tool bar and when to right click or left click the mouse.

  • Gina - This book was everything and MORE!

    When I first met Georgie in The Summer Games: Settling The Score, I knew she needed her own book and I am beyond thrilled the author wrote it. I was Team Georgie from the beginning! She is just so fun, spunky, and she has that very memorable personality. Then there's Gialuca...swoon! With tragedy in his past, he seemed to be just going through the motions. Content with his life, but Georgie seemed to show him how to live! She was relentless and never gave up. In the end it paid off.

  • BYLAW - Good read -- Balz is a great journalist.

    I enjoyed Dan's analysis of the 2012 election. He provides an objective, thoughtful analysis of the events and players in the last campaign. I'm a political buff and follow the daily news and opinion columns and talk shows. Dan Balz is one of the best talking heads out there.