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  • Tamara G. - It helps

    Read my review for Mommy Knows Best goats rue (which I bought instead of Motherlove's version because it's cheaper! I'm not made of money here people!). Anyway, along with the goats rue, I've found that this stuff has a direct, positive effect on my milk supply. If I forget to take it, what little I am capable of producing diminishes even more. Key point: don't forget to take it! Also, try to take as directed (4 times a day with only 2 oz of fluid 15 minutes before and after).

  • Amazon Customer - Cornerstone of Step 1 Preparation

    Everything is in list form without any detailed explanations. They assume you've already seen the content before, so I would recommend buying a copy as early as it comes out (~January) and start annotating it from your notes in class. You don't want to be cracking it open for the first time 5 weeks before you take step 1.

  • Hannah Joy - suspenseful and alarming.....loved it!

    I really enjoyed this second book in the Newsmakers series. Erica once again finds herself in the middle of a political hotbed that could rock her world and the entire country. Mike Ortiz is running for president and seems like the perfect candidate but is he a little too perfect? When his relationship with his wife seems a little weird, Erica can’t help but dig in. Her desire for the truth takes her places she wasn’t expecting and puts her and Jenny in danger.

  • rhipkiss - Highly recommended

    I was very skeptical of this but after reading so many positive reviews I decided to try it. When I used it as others suggested, clean skin 1st with alcohol then use gel, I felt my muscles contracting. I measured my waist prior to 1st use. At 4 weeks I measured again and was pleased to be one inch smaller.

  • Myka - Great product! 10/10 recommended!

    Been using this for a few days now and my skin has definitely improved. It's way softer and smells really good to me so overall super glad I got this product. Also it was filled all the way to the top with the product so you get your moneys worth of it definitely recommend and it's cheap for the amount you get :-)