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  • Becky Staples - My 2 year old loves this juice

    I purchased this apple juice from Mott's for my toddler (he is 2). This juice has a very nice taste without a bunch of added sugars or alternative sweeteners. The bottle is a nice size, 64 ounces, and the bottle lasted my son about 5 days. The apple juice has a nice refreshing taste, and a good way to add some fruits into your little one's diet. The juice has a good quality taste to it, and the bottle is a good durable one with an easy lid to open and close. This juice is very affordable and worth the price, my son loves this juice. The juice isn't tart, and has a nice taste without being overly sweet.

  • Hernan J. Aponte Malave - This is the 60 inch review

    This TV is awesome fully compatible with xbox one s the features and apps the 4k that screen is out of this world the colors the contrast the sharpness you can customise it to whatever settings you want it can mirror screen and play Playstation now it h a s a website browser the only thing I would say it's the sound not bad but could be better but fixable with a home theater or sound bar. The its incredible it has to be seen to be explained .

  • ttyltj - Too Faced never upsets!

    This is NOT a fake-- wanted to point this out because of a few other reviews. I found that this works great as a primer, even for my insanely oily lids. I put a little powder on my lid before the primer and after and find that my eyeshadows go on beautifully. NOW the only complaint I have is that it creases on me when I put on NYX jumbo pencil on top of it. I'm not sure why it does that but I have to be super careful because it's very obvious. I would probably give it 4 and 1/2 stars for that but I don't have an option to do that :-P. I haven't tried UDPP yet, but I do have a bottle which I'm planning on using soon SO I CAN'T TELL COMPARISONS YET! Hope to be able to soon. But anyways you get a great price here on Amazon for a REAL product, so might as well get this or the UDPP (which is also cheaper on Amazon).

  • Farrah valentine - Amazing

    I don't usually leave product reviews but this product is amazing. I wasn't going to buy it at first but then I decided to because I use other BAE product such as the complexion tea and sleep tea and I love them both. I receive this product 2 days ago and it has made a huge difference in the dark black circles around my eyes. I am 22 years old and in college and I model plus have a full time job. I barley get any sleep and bae products have helped me sleep through the night & look gorgeous. My eyes no longer have dark black circles around them & I actually look my age now :) thank u bae products. Y'all are amazing !!

  • Molly - Easy to Use

    This was easy to put together and easy to use. The cable is a little long, but that is because the router and modem are sitting right net to each other and it seems like a lot of extra cable. However, I just used the twist ties to keep it neat and out of the way. You need a pin or fine tip pen to press the restart button, but that is a good thing. It shouldn't be easy to restart the modem. It was also a lot cheaper than buying the equipment from my internet provider.

  • Sirmaxx17 - Simple and easy. Just dip the tip of a wet toothbrush ...

    First time user and not sure what I was expecting . Having said that I did research this product extensively and felt it was safe . Simple and easy. Just dip the tip of a wet toothbrush in Dr.Song container and start brushing. Do not let this get anywhere it shouldn't such as grout. It will stain. It's a powder. same as a baby powder. Keep yourself over the sink . It will make a mess so prepare for that and use caution . My teeth felt clean and smooth . I had to rinse a few extra times ..No taste . or after taste.. No instant results . This is a gentile natural whitening process ..