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  • Billy - She doesn't seem to get too hot either like some others we tried

    Our little girl loves this car seat. It is very soft and offers a lot of protection. She is big, she is 14 months and wears a 2T...She is still rear facing and doesn't complain about getting in her seat anymore. She doesn't seem to get too hot either like some others we tried. I like the head support. Cup holder does not come out to clean. Its easy to install and remove. Easy to adjust tension.

  • S. Pearce - Not a hardcore workout

    I received this game as a gift because I love the Jillian Michael's dvds (Burn Fat Boost Metabolism, and 30 Day Shred) which are a great workout! I assumed this game would be similar and wanted it as soon as I got a Wii Fit. However the game is rather boring and not a good workout. There are 2 circuits pre-loaded on the game, however the first circuit is running laps for 5 minutes around the virtual island... then after each circuit Jillian stops, puts her hand on her hip, and you have to hit the A button and wait for the next circuit to begin. There's so much stopping and starting it's frustrating. If you want a great workout, stick to the dvds, this game is a waste of time.

  • Jeremiah - Decent

    I'm used to SolidWorks (with almost no AutoCAD experience) so this could just be me. I know this is the LT version and know not to expect what you get with the full version. I watched all of the videos which were helpful, but there should be much, much more available for help.


    Although it smells great, it is EXTREMELY false advertising!! This product says no sulfate and on the back the third or fourth ingredient is sulfates. It makes my hair very dry and my mom's very oily and we both use the same amount. What a scam!

  • Rahul Kucheria - Must-Have For Every Child!

    This book is a must-have for each and every kid! It has a lot of lovely stories and also some classics. I love this collection of stories and so does my little girl. I read her one of these stories before bedtime every night and she loves it. It's become such a habit that she simply cannot go to sleep unless I read her a story from this very book.