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  • DrFox - I like these a lot

    I like these a lot. I am a med student and I often feel myself needed a bit of a pick me up. It is not always possible to make or buy a coffee, so these are great. They can be mixed into any liquid and are completely tasteless. The provide as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. Perfect! I would definitely recommend these.

  • candace - I love this product!!

    I lost 42 lbs with this product in 5 months combined with exercise and healthy eating was nt expecting a miracle pill and it wasnt, but it did help my energy level, and crankiness(missing my donuts) . Anyone who buys must remember that one of the main ingredients is caffeine and if you have sensitivity, it may cause increased heart rate, runny bowels, gas,insomia and other caffeine sensitive/intolerance related issues. So please read the ingredients before you buy. Good luck in you weight lost endeavors!

  • Sara Ellen - summer ready feet 24/7

    I love the packaging and also everything included in this. It works really well and really fast and super east to clean! the batteries last long and are easy to insert. my feet were more than awful and now are almost baby bottom soft!

  • Wild Bill - Not for me

    Tried it diligently for three weeks. No pain relief.Amazon is fantastic and gave me a refund in two of three days.I wouldn'st reccomend this to a dog let alone anyone else. My wife didn't get any relief from her back pain either.

  • Bmilli89 - Worth IT!!!!

    I was very hesitant to buy these on amazon. I was afraid they wouldn't fit or they wouldn't be the same quality I could get at dealership. I'm so glad I took the chance though. They fit my 2016 Subaru Forester. It took very little effort to get them on. its just simply clip them in place and use the included wrench to bolt them down. They do have a little noise from the wind but it isn't very loud. I ended up saving about 60-100 by buying these on amazon and not at the dealership.

  • J. Snow - Great value, great picture

    Really great monitor at a really great price. I am not tech savvy, but my husband is, and when I showed him this monitor on sale he said it was a great deal. I use it for use at home when I am working from home, and it is bright and easy to use. It came with two different cable connectors, which was good because one of them didn't work with my laptop, but the other kind did. I would purchase again in a heartbeat.

  • Toddy Haciski - I LIKE QuickBooks 2011 for the Mac

    As an Independent Personal Business Manager, I have used QuickBooks for the Mac for over ten years and have been a beta tester for two versions of this product.